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Catinca Tabacaru Gallery is pleased to present All the Rumors are True, a solo exhibition of new works by Daniela Pălimariu. This marks the artist’s first solo exhibition with the gallery after numerous group and curatorial collaborations since 2020.


Daniela Pălimariu’s laser-cut stainless steel forms interlock into grand multifarious sculptures that occupy the vast Catinca Tabacaru industrial gallery space on the 3rd floor of the former ISAF building, a Communist-era railway components factory located at Calea Giulesti 14. Polished to a mirror patina, the works dissolve into their surroundings, treading a precarious balance between presence and mirage. They serve as slender foundations for delicate arcs, ribs, slices and sections of ceramics and porcelain objects. The labyrinth-like arrangement of the ceramics offer the same support to one another as do the mammoth forms underneath, but more subtle somehow, more long-term.


Here, Pălimariu experiments with the possibilities proposed by the unseen, the images invoked by what might be hidden. Swirling irregular shapes drift atop the mirrored surfaces, shielding ghosts of unknown objects, but simultaneously revealing the hollowness of expectation. Throughout the installation, Pălimariu spotlights the neglected space of the inbetween, the residual from the whole, the potential of the unintended. 


There, within the dizziness of the mirrored love-seat, we share our nausea and embrace its rumors.

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