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FAMILY series (2018 - ongoing)

Several members of one family are born from an unfolded packaging shape. Only one of the members is the original, the others are its resembling heirs. Through all the Families in this series, my work looks for signs of the familiar in areas ruled by pure practicalities. 


This particular Family is made of two, which could imply any number of relationships between the members. They also benefit from various folds and cavities that give them depth and multiple reflections, to speak about the complexities of all relationships, but especially of family ones.

FAMILY V STEEL at ART021 Shanghai 2019 and in the group show CASTING VOTES, CLC Gallery Venture Beijing, 2020/21

Part of ING Global Art Collection

FAMILY VIII (EARS) in the group show STAYCATION at Catinca Tabacaru Gallery, Bucharest, 2021/22

FAMILY IV MIRROR at LISTE Art Fair Basel 2019 / Sandwich Gallery

FAMILY IV BLACK at Sandwich, part of Garage Sale group show, June - Sept. 2019

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