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Four different objects are installed in four precise locations in the west part of Innsbruck, in close vicinity to the train tracks. They each have space for 3-4 persons at a time and they each involve movement. One person's balance affects all the others, so that either coordination or the intentional lack of it affect the whole experience.


The objects and their placement create a trail that, on a very short distance, goes through very different areas of the neighborhood: the clean square surrounded by nice cafés, an alley that leads to a dingy passage, the border of a migrants' housing, an old playground flanked by huge billboards. People that live very near to each other and probably never meet have now the chance to explore and share an experience: each object functions as playful street furniture that is best enjoyed in a group.

created during a Magic Carpets residency at Open Space, Innsbruck, 2018

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