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Small Accidents Café includes different types of furniture that, in their own way, challenge the visitors to stand up straight and rethink common social situations. While they may cause some spills and stumbles, these are more fun than tragic. Often, the pieces cause involuntary flirting or awkward situations, make friends out of strangers and play-buddies out of acquaintances.


ROCKING BAR can hold up to 6 guests that have to coordinate moves at all times in order to avoid any slips.

Each of the CURVED TABLES – with their Curved Benches – holds 8. Their comfort depends on their position up or down the curve. ROLLING PLATE is a challenging territory for new encounters, standing or sitting. The various U-BARS can do more harm than good when you rest your drink on them. UNPARALLELED COUNTER was fixed in place by a dizzy fitter.


The Café can be used for various events or it can remain as a not-so-relaxing area for the bravest of visitors.

March – April 2018, Nicodim Gallery Bucharest, part of Formal Encounters


photos by Dan Vezentan

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