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Feb. 2020

Daniela Pălimariu in Sportsbar at Suprainfinit Gallery, Bucharest (group show) 

with works from The Wellness Syndrome series:

The Benders

The Stretchers

The Hangers

120x250 cm each, acrylic on used IKEA window shades, 2016/2019

Oct.-Nov. 2019

Daniela Pălimariu took part in BEIJING KONDITOREI


at C5CNM Beijing, with Liliana Basarab, Alexandru Niculescu, Cristian Răduță

"Konditorei gloriously announces the opening of its first location in Beijing!

A cake shop with only one type of cakes – but where each cake is unique. A confectioner that took an overdose of sugar and has become deaf to customers' complaints. A semi-abandoned attempt at decorating the space in the style of the art zone surrounding it. Remains of an improbable cooking process that were made into trinkets. 
Beijing Konditorei creates the perfect mood for short and precise dates, while using the imprecise texture of jelly in order to create confusion between looks and taste. Surrounded by an abundance of textures, colors, art and handicraft, Konditorei uses the minimum of ingredients in order to offer a clear punctual experience."

June - Sept. 2019

Daniela Pălimariu took part in GARAGE SALE

the first ever group show at Sandwich in Bucharest

"We're not looking for similarities, but embrace the coincidences. 

The Great Romania – China Friendship Cafeteria continues with an exuberant event in Bucharest, and completely takes over Sandwich, the terrace, Chocolat extension and even the adjacent studios. 

Garage Sale is not only the first group show ever to be attempted at Sandwich, but also an opportunity to give up on things not anymore wanted, needed or relevant. 

Artists from China and Romania, with practices so different they could bare any connection to each other, are putting together a megamix of artworks, but also of curated personal items for sale at clearance prices*. It is irrelevant if the exhibition becomes an extension of the sale, or the other way around – objects and non-objects shake hands and make peace."

June 2019

Sandwich takes part in an art fair for the first time:

LISTE, Basel


with Daniela Pălimariu, Jin Ningning, Cristian Răduță

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